Technical Service Report:

OBJECTIVE: Snyder Manufacturing submitted samples of their “Titanium” and “Titanium Star” concrete sealers. They asked for an evaluation of COF (Slip), Durability, and Stain Resistance.

PROCEDURE: Various physical properties were measured and performance evaluations were done. The physical properties on the “Titanium” and “Titanium Star” concrete sealers were recorded. The Performance evaluations were done side by side to see how the two performed and compared.

RESULTS: (Physical Properties)

Property Titanium Titanium Star
pH 8.01 7.66
Visc 8 cps 13 cps
%NV 17.51 22.49
Odor Mild Acrylic Mild Acrylic
Color Off-White Off-White

RESULTS: (Performance Testing)

  1. COF (Static Coefficient of Friction, > 0.5 -James Machine)
    Property Titanium Titanium Star
    COF (Static) 0.55 0.54
    Line Abrasion Tester & coated Concrete Test Panels)
  3. ADHESION (Cross Scratch Adhesion)
  4. STAIN RESISTANCE (24 Hour Dwell time on 10 Stains):

A large stone test panel was divided and coated with two coats of both the Titanium and Titanium Star sealers. After a 24 hour dry time, we preformed stain spot tests using (10) different common staining materials.

The stain spots were allowed to sit for 24hrs and then were rinsed and brushed. We used the following scale to evaluate the staining:

The Titanium sealer and Titanium Star sealer performed equivalent on (7) out of (10) stain resistance spot tests, and the Titanium Star performed better on the other (3) stains, as noted by the ratings listed above. The Stain Resistance on the Titanium sealer was Very Good, and the Titanium Star sealer was Excellent.


We were asked to do a performance evaluation of both the Titanium and Titanium Star concrete sealers. Overall, both showed:

  • Acceptable / Desired Anti-Slip properties (COF > 0.50)
  • Excellent Durability, Scratch Resistance and Adhesion.
  • Excellent Stain Resistance (Titanium Star was slightly better).

Mark Kaszubski


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