Onemaster Stellar is for Polished Natural Calcium based Stones such as Marbles Travertine Limestone Onyx*Terrazzo*Polished Concrete* Polish / Strengthener and Restorer

This Polish and Stone Strengthener after 30 plus yrs in the Stone Care Industry is the finest stone polish densifier hardening product I have ever tested and now developed for its intended purpose. Onemaster Stellar will produce a polish on horizontal and vertical surfaces which is unequaled for polish depth color enhancement and abrasion resistance.

After surface is polished Onemaster Extreme penetrating sealer will increase the co-efficient of friction (slip resistantcy) and because of additional polymers will create an unequaled abrasion slip and oil resistance.

T-77 Microshield will maintain surfaces to an Anti-Dust Pristine finish renewing the values of Onemaster penetrating sealers continually without the use of soaps or oils which attract dirt dust and make all surfaces slippery when exposed to moisture and water.

Please see Independendent lab tests for Onemaster sealers and T-77 Microshield.

Please see Smith Emery lab test for ASTM Co-efficient of friction test on polished Alabaster white marble sealed with Onemaster Extreme and cleaned with T-77 Microshield prior to on site testing Tiffany’s of New York Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, California.

Onemaster Stellar Polish and Stone Strengthener Restorer is a combination of proprietary components which restructure and densify calcium carbonate to calcium fluoride creating strength, hardening the stone yet still allowing the surface to breathe even after being sealed with breathable water base penetrating Fluoropolymers.

First there are 2 Versions.

  1. Polish Densifier and Hardener.
  2. Polish Hardener Restorer with Micro abrasion Technology. *(This product is not intended to replace diamond abrasives)* works excellent when used with quality white & grey pads to remove medium foot traffic* light –medium abrasion and light-medium acidic etch marks in calcium based materials (not deep scratches or crystal damage)* prior to final polish and hardening)

Note: if Steel wool is used, steel wool must not be used with the Restorer version. (USE Quality White pads such as 3m and or Hogs hair pads). Surface must be cleaned of any Restorer residue and dried moisture free prior to using Polish/Hardener with Steel Wool pads. If being used on stone tile with wide grout lines it is advisable to scrub clean with SS.Stone Clean with a medium bristle white + black brush suck up slurry, damp mop if necessary, force dry and proceed to Polish only. If narrow joints one may mix up a spray bottle of Onemaster A/S Multi –Surface Cleaner or SS Stone Clean contingent on the amount of residue from the Restorer @11 parts h20 to concentrate spray buff clean with white pad and proceed to Stellar polish with white pad and spray buff with Onemaster Penetrating sealer when desired polish is achieved.

The Polish/Hardener or Restorer can be used with variable speed and standard 175 RPM speed floor and counter top machines.

I have used and tested all kinds of acid based polishing compounds and Polished Hard surface maintenance products. I believe Onemaster Polish/Hardener and Polish Restorer produce unequaled results when used correctly and sealed with Onemaster Sealers and maintained with Onemaster A/S Multi-Surface and or T-77 Microshield no-soap-no residue streak free Maintainers. Ease of application, maintenance, appearance and resistance to abrasion oil staining and slip resistance is unequaled by any Hard Surface Care System I am aware of currently available in the market place.

The fluorosilicates are mixed with a very unique Polymer which produces the most brilliant, deep hard polish I have personally experienced.

I have used a weighted and UN weighted floor machine and I have used 3m white pads, hogs hair and steel wool pads which have produced the best results for me.
I have also used variable speed counter top machines for horizontal and vertical surfaces producing excellent results.

Each stone and individual maintenance requirement is unique and may require a procedure never before performed. After 30 plus years of experience in all kinds of weather, residential and commercial in many different situations I am still learning.

My last point is I by no means do I know it all. That which I do know is that I will try my best to help you the end user and surface care professional be your best for you and your customers. I will continually strive to create surface care products and procedures which are unequaled for all hard surface care solutions.

I have also used steel wool pads as a light polishing final finish by quickly running over the previously polished area before using a white pad and misting Onemaster Extreme and the results are a very hard deep long lasting Stellar Polish which offers Extreme resistance to Abrasion Extreme Co-efficient of friction and Extreme Oil resistantcy.

Simply Stellar!

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