Glacier Extreme is the easiest to use and most durable high solids polymer cleaner polish sealer tested against the extreme sun UV ice snow and salt exposure in Salt Lake City Utah on *clear coat, Glass*Fiberglass*polished metals* upper surface polished stone* and Exterior Cargo Trailer.

This unique formula includes an organic cleaner and a polymer which exceeds any upper surface cleaner polish in the market place.

Harder and more durable than Carnauba paste wax and this liquid formula which can be sprayed is so easy to use.

Make sure the UPPER SURFACE has been cleaned and dirt free.

Using a clean pre moistened damp applicator of choice (micro-fiber is mine) apply Glacier liberally on applicator and rub on let haze and buff off.

This is a product with a high percentage of polymers not a quick detail product which is a weak % of Silicone.

There is no old-fashioned wax or wax residue.

Once the surface has hazed after application and buffed off the surface has a deep hard reflection which your hand can actually feel the plating of the Polymer.

T-77 Microshield and Multi-Surface Cleaner are excellent for future maintenance to maintain the brilliant dust resistant finish with out any soap residue to attract dirt and dust and extending the frequency of future application.

Created, Tested and used by a man passionate for surface care excellence.

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