Color Enhancer Water & Oil Repellent Sealer Application Directions:
Please note: different stones respond differently contingent on Mineral content and Porosity;

Make sure surface is clean, dry and free of wax, dirt or surface contaminants:

Some Porous Stones like VEGAS ROCK, LIMESTONE, TRAVERTINES, SANDSTONE, may require multiple coats for desired look and if excess or puddling occurs remove excess. This Color –Enhancing sealer is water & oil repellent.

**As with any penetrating stone sealer or color enhancer always test before total application to determine Desired results are achieved***

Never apply any sealer on Stone, Grout or Masonry which is Hot to the Touch or Extreme Sunlight and or Temperatures HOT OR COLD.

65-80 degrees warm and shady is best

75-90 plus if tests approve in indirect Sunlight.

A wise man always tests and determines all conditions are acceptable and approved before continuing.

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