Mission Statement

The vision and purpose of Onemaster Care Solutions has transitioned over the last 36 years from being passionate about the research and development of products and procedures for protection maintenance and restoration of concrete marble stone masonry and metal, to virtually every hard surface which challenges the world for its care and custody.

This passion has caused Onemaster Surface Care solutions to emerge into creating safety for people and safety to the environment on planet Earth.

Proprietary formulas have been created with years of testing being conducted from extreme heat conditions in the Southern California Desert to the extreme freezing temperatures of Salt Lake City producing products solving hard surface care challenges which include acid, slip and stain prevention without the use of petroleum solvents for all horizontal and vertical areas to the restoration of exterior stainless steel surfaces.

The same product technology which will invisibly resist acid oil and slip prevention on highly polished Concrete, Limestone, Marble and Terrazzo floors and upper surfaces is now available for all hand rails, and high precision hand held mobile devices which create hand held gription when exposed to moisture.

Passion pursuing excellence creates power and success.

Onemaster Surface Care Solutions is dedicated to pursuing the latest research and development for the protection maintenance and restoration for all hard Surface Care Product Inventions and Procedures.

The world has hard surface care needs which no longer require soap or petroleum based products which leave a film when exposed to water making surfaces slippery and attracting dirt and dust like a magnet.

Soap based cleaners leave a film which after each application creates layers of trapped dirt and soap residue and bacteria which become slippery when wet and make surfaces become an intense health and safety hazard.

Onemaster Surface Care Solutions creates products and procedures which reduce labor, product cost and make all hard surfaces stay cleaner with unequaled acid, slip, and stain resistance for all walk able and hand held surfaces.